Thodoris Karageorgos is the new killer Bass Player of the band...!!!
After 4 years passing through own and band difficulties we are now actively determined more than ever ready to follow our destiny and burn the stage.....once again like never before!!!!
VALOR is more than band members...
VALOR is all about heavy metal and the ideals the band represents for the last 20 years of its existence..!!!
Prepare for a metal Holocaust and be there to WELCOME the comeback of VALOR with Thodoris Karageorgos at Kyttaro live stage Athens on the 18th of October with the Legendary Omen and our Brothers in arms Dexter Ward...!!!

Valor has finished the recordings of the new album and now we are at the stage of mixing

The song titles of the new album titled "Ark of Time" are

Valor started working on songs for the new CD that will be the sequel to the Yonder Answer story.

More information and some song titles will be announced soon

Enjoy our cover of Heaven's Gate "Gates of Heaven" specially recorded for  webzine's "Back to the Future" compilation .

The whole compilation is available for free streaming here