Valor will appear at Rock Hard's magazine live at TEXAS Club 9/5/2009, with Wolfcry and Sorrows Path.
Valor will open the live.
Valor , Sorrows Path, Wolfcry.
Door open: 19:30

Hello to everyone........
ValoR have started composing songs of their new CD.
Up to now, two songs are already done.
The title of the CD will be....... (hmmm...I think it's

Hello to everyone,
We'd like to inform you that ValoR girly "Destiny's Path" T-Shirt are available in Large, Medium & Small size....
You can make your orders via Merchandise section.

A live video is available at Media Video section.
The song is "No Flowers On My Grave" taken from "Destiny's Path" CD.

Finally Heathendom will replace Airged Lamh so the final line up will be
The place is An Club At Eksarhia and the entrance is 8Euros.
Doors open

Unfortunately Airged Lamh postponed their appearance, due to personal reasons.
We're trying to find for another band to play at Airged Lamh's time.
If this won't happen, VaLoR and Ragen