We have just added another one song from our MCD, in the download section.

Valor will play at the Heavy & Loud Metal Fest.
The Festival will take place at Plateia Nerou (Tzitzifies) on 15/7/2006 at 17:30
Valor will share the stage with Wrathblade,

Valor will play at the "summer in the city" festival on 25/6/2006 at Underworld Club with AIRGED LAMH, POWER CRUE, NOCTA and CRIMSON FIRE.
Time : 21:30
Cost 10 ??

Valor will appear at An Club on Sunday 4/6/2006 8:00 pm with Code of Silence , X-Piral and Crucifier.
Price : 5??

A live ValoR video, available in download section, taken from the last live at An Club.
The song is called "The Whispering Of Steel", from the forthcoming CD.

Valor will play at "THE FINAL STAND - Epic metal to the end" festival organized by Eat Metal Records.
The Festival will take place at AAn Club (Solomou 13-15 Eksarheia)